November 27th, 2011

What better way to finish the night then to have a party. Great party was had at the Civilization Museum with the boys from  A Tribe Called Red

Electric Fields: Electric Pow Wow

November 25th, 2011

Tonight, from 10pm to midnight, A Tribe Called Red will be performing in the Grand Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) in Gatineau.The three DJs that make up A Tribe Called Red are Bear Witness, Ian Campeau (a.k.a. DJ NDN) and Dan General (a.k.a. DJ Shub). MTV has dubbed them originators of their […]

More Lumens = Better Art – Night 3 recap

November 6th, 2010

Most consumer grade LCD projectors hover somewhere 2600 lumens in terms of brightness. What do you do when an 18 000 lumen projector aimed at at 12’x22′ screen? Have a kick ass event? Sure. What do you do when moments before the event starts, this monolithic projector hanging so carefully from the ceiling reads off […]

Battle of the Kitten . . . more to move you with

December 9th, 2009

The YouTube Battle was blast over the weekend. The Rideau Valley Roller Girls stole the show with their fishnets and dance moves and general awesomeness. They sailed throw the ranks with the audience showing their appreciation with glowsticks and bunny hops. Our invited host, Jeremy Bailey, treated us to a nice little bit of MAX […]

Nuit Blanche 09 – Toronto

October 7th, 2009

On m’a demandé de faire un reportage sur Nuit Blanche à Toronto mais malheureusement j’ai fini par voir que 5-6 projets à cause des files d’attente et peut-être aussi par paresse. J’ai quand même durée jusqu’à 7 h du matin, mais même à cette heure là les files d’attentes étaient pas possibles. Anyway, c’était quand […]

ArtsStars* at Toronto Nuit Blanche

September 27th, 2009

So if you are not lucky enough to head to Toronto for the countries biggest art party this Saturday October 3rd, you may get the chance to check out the all night roving reporting from Artstars*TV. Artstars* is hosted by the bold and beautiful Nadja Sayej and is co-produced with Artengine favorite Jeremy Bailey. If […]

Graffiti Research Lab + Ghetto Blast – rap-up!

July 29th, 2009

all y’all: so, it’s safe to announce that this event was, shall we say, a ‘qualified’ success; as you know if you were anywhere within 200km of Ottawa this past weekend, in the immortal words of Steve Reich vs Brother Walter (and the newscaster from Family Guy), ‘It’s Gonna Rain!” We literally had moats of […]

Graffiti Research Lab + Ghetto Blast Sound System = Awesome + Awesome!

July 9th, 2009

Friday, July 24th Artengine teams up with Club SAW and House of Paint to present Graffiti Research Lab, Ghetto Blast Sound System and from L.A.’s DJ Huggs. This an official Late Night Event for Hip Hop 360 and a big launch party for House of Paint. Sprinkle in some Straight Goods and Disorganised and everything […]

Si tu ouairais ce que j’ai vu dans ma jacuzzi.

November 23rd, 2008

Grou Tyme. a.k.a. Good time Acadie style. Pou’ n’importe qui, qui yé sorti à SAW hiâre swoir sé quossé qu’eje parle about. Place pacté avec des DJ’s qui y’ont su plaire la crowd. I mean, Jackson 2Bears a memorizé le monde, BEARwitness a keeper tout’ le monde together, Dee Jay Frame, Deejay Ndn pis Chris […]

Electric Fields Day 4

November 16th, 2008

Four days into the festival, and things are fantastic! Every artist, DJ and volunteer has made this an incredible edition of the festival. Dark Disco and Timekode where both great parties. Much kudos to Stefan Thompson’s live digital illustrations; we are thoroughly enjoying bringing people into Sophie Bélair Cléments eerie empty room; the Technology vs […]