ArtsStars* at Toronto Nuit Blanche

So if you are not lucky enough to head to Toronto for the countries biggest art party this Saturday October 3rd, you may get the chance to check out the all night roving reporting from Artstars*TV. Artstars* is hosted by the bold and beautiful Nadja Sayej and is co-produced with Artengine favorite Jeremy Bailey. If you have not had the chance to catch one of their art reports here is a sample from a very choice episode. Lots of hipster agro in this. I was so surprised to find that at VICE event . . .

All through the night, during the super power super party, these two will be roaming the three zones and broadcasting live onto a giant projection on the Art Gallery of Ontario. For the URL go to on the night of excess in question. Then pretend like you are crowded in with loads of over tired intoxicated spectacle seeking “art” lovers. This may actually end up being more fun than actually going to Nuit Blanche. Enjoy!


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