Battle of the Kitten . . . more to move you with

The YouTube Battle was blast over the weekend. The Rideau Valley Roller Girls stole the show with their fishnets and dance moves and general awesomeness. They sailed throw the ranks with the audience showing their appreciation with glowsticks and bunny hops.

Our invited host, Jeremy Bailey, treated us to a nice little bit of MAX program in the form of a kitten that the audience had to move towards the side of their choosing. Their was a back up to the kitten which involved stretching Kanye’s face with a combination of high pitch and high volume. Points where awarded from Kanye’s face for the competitor. Big kudos to Jeremy for carrying off such a treacherous undertaking as the modest audience seemed very competitive and fairly resolute in resisting laughter even for the hot sauce foot licking video, which was a high light for me I know.

I don’t have any screen caps of the kitten software, so instead you should have a look at some of Jeremy’s videos. There is, of course, lots more on youtube . . .

Below is an excerpt from the performance work we originally hoped to bring up to Ottawa. It was orginally commissioned by HTTP in London, UK and I got the chance to see it in Toronto at Subtle Technologies. It’s presentation at this science and art conference was hilarious because the rigorous academic types really wanted to get it right. I think they practically bumped rush the stage, motivated by their desire for more time to get it right cos they couldn’t handle that the whole thing was designed to be awkward and perhaps unsuccessful . . .

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