4 days of magic in the dark/ ELEKTRA & the BIAN

May 14th, 2012

What ELEKTRA has left me with is a sense of warning. New media can be harnessed by creatives and technologists and then pushed to new potential, but overall I’m uncomfortable, in some instances, with using it to produce aggressive works. The world is volatile and I feel the artists role within this situation is to reveal truths and to decode data in order for the public to see it in new ways. If we relay aggression in our work we may perpetuate existing problems and ultimately have difficulty with accessibility to our work.

Elektra Highlight #2

May 4th, 2012

A full day of presentations, vernisages and performances certainly leaves one feeling overloaded, but not so much that I am not looking forward to another day full of information and art. I will choose just one highlight from yesterday and leave the others to digest more fully. Yan Breuleux presented La Tempête during the AV presentation […]

More Lumens = Better Art – Night 3 recap

November 6th, 2010

Most consumer grade LCD projectors hover somewhere 2600 lumens in terms of brightness. What do you do when an 18 000 lumen projector aimed at at 12’x22′ screen? Have a kick ass event? Sure. What do you do when moments before the event starts, this monolithic projector hanging so carefully from the ceiling reads off […]

3D Tesla – Day 2 recap

November 5th, 2010

Hi Friends. I am back! Here’s a photo. Getting cozy in the third dimension of Artengine’s M70 lab Alright. Mostly, last night was the Festival launch and thelivingeffect at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Tonnes of stuff happening at the AGO right now. Can I just say how awesome the list of the festival’s sponsors is? […]

Elektra sur le spot durant Champs électriques

November 1st, 2010

Pour la dernière soirée de Champs électriques, Elektra, le festival d’arts numériques de Montréal, présente 3 performances/présentations.  Parce les descriptions de projets AV c’est pas toujours sexy, voici quelques mots sur chacunes des pièces tirés du programme puis des liens pour voir des extrais. Ensuite, vous viendrez voir ça en vrai. This Is Not Design, trame00… un […]