Battle of the Surfers

Fridays web launch was a great party and we thank every body for coming and out, especially our 8 battle teams. The final winner was the team from CKCU – Thematics made up of Tarek Al-Z and Armen Ashekian. It was a battle to the death with two over time rounds. Despite Team Stefaniques awkard style, they shone throughout the tournament with choice clips such as this one from the incredible Tandi Dupree:

but also followed with horrific figure skating footage like this:

The blow for blow finale was finally clinched by this thoroughly disgusting video. Consider yourself warned.

We are speechless here at the engine….

There were variety of videos to make you both laugh and… laugh. Here are some highlights. More will follow.

David Hasselholfs stunning Hooked on a feeling.

Amanda Lear’s Alphabet song from 1977 brought by Glenn Nuotio.

Thematics “Pretty Ricky” – a most eloquent exploration of budding male sexuality.

Team Oh Snap! deserves special mention not only for their outfits, but inspiring a sing-along in the crowd to the untouchable Smell Yo Dick? Oh SNAP!!!!

While in the arena of crass we must mention Team Clips of Steal for the Baltimore Club inspired Fuck Yo Couch.

We also had a valiant effort by a last minute replacement who made it to the second round. I don’t have any links to his clips, but we were so happy he stepped in for the missing team.

Last but not least, thanks to Jake Hanna and Anne Clarke who did an incredible job hosting the evening and to our sponsors McAuslan Breweries, Milk Clothing Shop and CKCU. It was a choice evening and we will be running another one by the fall hopefully, so if you are interested let us know.

Here are some photos from the evening.

Jake and Anne starting things off.
Wish we had our website on the screen.
If you haven’t seen it yet you should check it out at

Team Clips of Steal ready to rumble.

The fashionable and confident – Oh Snap!

Hard fought first round battle. Thematics and Clips of Steal.

Team Stefanique in action. The final show down. Lots of style…not so much grace.

Battle Victorians Team Thematics!

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