Dorkbot BBQ!

Sebastien can attest to how beautiful a day it was at the Dorkbot BBQ! Michael Caffrey and Kerry Campbell supplied us with their sound from their special mobile sound system. Michael has been developing the system which works off of deep cycle batteries from old electric wheel chairs and reused car stereo parts. The batteries can be recharged through solar power and a sine wave converter helps run the AC powered elements like an audio mixer and sequencer. Michael and Kerry used the BBQ as a test run for their trip up to the Northtek Technival for this weekend (July 14th – 16th). Northtek is a free gathering of soundsystem crews on crown land…gotta love the new hippie techs!

Below is Michael and Kerry on their rig. Michael will be supplying more information on his rig to the Artengine blog in the next month or so. We look forward to more background and schematics.

The next Dorkbot should be in the fall on Tuesday September 30th. This edition will involve more audio stuff including a presentation by Normand Fisher about a flower pot microphone he has been working on for recording migrating birds flying overhead. If I got it right he working on connecting the microphone to radar so it is only triggered by the birds themselves.

If you want more info about Dorkbot please check out our website or drop us an email.

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