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La Camaraderie

Maker Faire Ottawa 2018, powered by Artengine, was an unforgettable celebration of innovation, featuring the captivating interactive art installation, the Cromotograph created by the multidisciplinary design studio La Camaraderie.. This innovative artwork, a fusion of technology and artistic expression, invited participants to create personalized, real-time visual masterpieces through movement and light. The Cromotograph captivated audiences, demonstrating the potential of technology to transform artistic experiences and foster creativity. 


Empire of Dirt

The Jormungand (Midgard) and Julunggul (Rainbow) serpents sit between 2 worlds; the old world that needed and revered them and the present which has shunned such monsters as fears metamorphosed into mythical form. Our present world has left behind these harbingers of destruction and physical embodiments of “the ultimate task” (usually the task of slaying such beasts) as so much fantasy. Much as a child puts away his imaginary playthings when they become an adult, the dreadful serpent that exists in so many of the world’s cultures’ myths has been put aside. All these now modern civilizations went through this same rite (…)

Projet EVA

Orchestrer la perte / Perpetual Demotion is an interactive installation comprising a feeding robot, human eaters, bacterially activated foods, a refrigerator, and a human slave. OLP/PD draws attention to the systemic, performative nature of eating. At a broader scale, the project deals with the relations of influence and dependence between human actions and technologies, their residues, and the ‘natural’ world(…)


GroupChat01- Neptune Frost

Thursday, July 18 · 7 – 10pm EDT Join us for a screening and lively group discussion of Neptune Frost, the afrofuturist musical film by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman. Artengine presents a new series of intimate gatherings to experience and discuss films, art works, games and more. For the first edition of the GroupChat we present the col…

Launch of EEPVERS.XYZ: A digital collectibles workshop

Join us for an engaging and informative session as we explore the fascinating world of digital collectibles and blockchain technology. The founders of EEPVERS.XYZ will provide an in-depth look at real-life use cases, demonstrating how these digital innovations are transforming the creative landscape. …

BOOK LAUNCH: Suyi Davies Okungbowa new science fiction novel, Lost Ark Dreaming

BOOK LAUNCH: This Saturday, join Nommo Award-winning author Suyi Davies Okungbowa for a discussion of his science fiction novel, Lost Ark Dreaming. 📅 Saturday, 1 June 2024, 5PM 📍 Artengine Studio…

TouchDesigner Meet Up

Come share your projects and get connected with others working with TouchDesigner in the region!…

Maylee Todd - The Fundamentals of Ableton and How to Build a Multimedia Show with Ableton Live

Artengine is partnering with Pique, as part of their new full roster of programming under the title Topique, to bring you an introductory Ableton workshop with the talented and delightful Maylee Todd. …





Dames Making Games (DMG) founder Izzie Colpitts-Campbell speaks with us about her art and design practice and how her role as a community organizer influenced her contributions to the DEL. In this conversation we discuss her new DMG project Damage Labs, similarities between game design and community organizing, and how artist solidarity can be provoked digitally.


Artengine’s Artistic Director Ryan Stec in conversation with Digital Economies Lab (DEL) participant, strategist, designer, artist and independent creative director, Julie Gendron, where they discuss Gendron’s work on the Offer Need Machine (ONM). Within this discussion Gendron addresses quantifying value by breaking down the mechanics of trust, recreating the ephemerality of chance interaction, and rating and evaluating with care.


Sofian Audry, an assistant professor of new media at the University of Maine, delivered a thought-provoking presentation on the intersection of art and technology. With a robust background in computer science, Sofian explored the philosophical and practical aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence within the realm of contemporary art. They delved into how these technologies could be leveraged to question and expand our understanding of human nature and autonomy. Sofian’s work primarily focuses on subverting traditional applications of AI and computer science to uncover insights about human imperfections and societal constructs. (…)