New Look! New Bloggers! Aren’t we lovely?

The Artengine blog is getting bigger and better. Not content to simply navel gaze at our own, albeit cool and sexy, programming we have enlisted the help of some wise and witty folks to turn this blog into something beefy-er, heartier, wait … it’s 2009. That should read: More fulfilling. More nutritious. Like Broccoli.

While we know that the many pictures of Artengine’s resident mustaches have kept you riveted for some time. We also know that mustaches alone do not make a blog. So here is our new team …

These four sharp knives are all pillars of local culture (I’m the fifth Beatle here, under the orange blur, looking nervous), and if you don’t know them now I think you will know them soon.

Crystal Doré, Chillerman1602, Tripp Ayredale and Diane35 will begin their critical residencies . . . no . . . cultural reportage . . . no . . . blogging tenure . . . no . . . nerd brigade . . .no. How about digital underground art mob? Yeah, I think that’s sexy enough.

They will launch their digital underground art mob this month, and just keep it coming. You know, this group is so underground they don’t even know who each other are. It’s totally Spies Like Us over here at Artengine.


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