Superfan Opening!

Gold Sprints….art in action!

Thanks to Navid for helping us with an incredible opening. The Gold Sprints where a huge hit and it was great to see so many artists get up on the wheels of steel. I was particularly proud to have trampled my brother in my race. There really is few things finer than little brother victory.

Thanks again to all our artists. The show was a big success. If you missed it please check out the Superfan website to read about the projects.

Navid and the bikes.

Just before the big showdown. Did I say I won already?

This is Andrée . She is one of our amazing board members. She raced Jillian, one of the artists inthe show (below). I think she lost, but she really had her heart in it as you can see.

War of the roses, if you know what I mean.

Alex C. beat a bike courier in the first race. I think he caught him off guard, but it doesn’t matter. Score one for art!

I’m #2 coasters in action. We still have some left. You want a set? You should contact us cos these are the best or at least second best.

Toronto-Norwood-Toronto at the Lieutenants Pump. Very very nice.

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