Superfan Opening!

Gold Sprints….art in action!

Thanks to Navid for helping us with an incredible opening. The Gold Sprints where a huge hit and it was great to see so many artists get up on the wheels of steel. I was particularly proud to have trampled my brother in my race. There really is few things finer than little brother victory.

Thanks again to all our artists. The show was a big success. If you missed it please check out the Superfan website to read about the projects.

Navid and the bikes.

Just before the big showdown. Did I say I won already?

This is Andrée . She is one of our amazing board members. She raced Jillian, one of the artists inthe show (below). I think she lost, but she really had her heart in it as you can see. Well, it is not as exciting as those fastest electric bike videos you see on social media sites, but hey, to her the experience is real and she enjoys it.

War of the roses, if you know what I mean.

Alex C. beat a bike courier in the first race. I think he caught him off guard, but it doesn’t matter. Score one for art!

I’m #2 coasters in action. We still have some left. You want a set? You should contact us cos these are the best or at least second best.

Toronto-Norwood-Toronto at the Lieutenants Pump. Very very nice.

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