Mod Lab’s March 2nd Recap

Jean-Marc LeBlanc demoed his hack to an Evalbot, a mobile robotic evaluation board for the Stellaris microcontroller, that allows him to host a webpage on a USB stick on the back of this rolling robot.

I’d never seen a website that could run away from me before and I do so hope to again. How awesome would it be to require people to physically run after their Gmail login page to check their email? Pretty frickin frustratingly awesome. He has a nice write up here of his process.

Another first was Chayle Cook melting and merging different colored peices of plastic together to produce gradients of color in her 3D printed objects. You can see from the pic there are some nice light green violins made from merging green and white plastics together earlier.

We hosted our first Open Workshop on Thursday of last week on Intro to Circuit Building and it was great to see so many new faces in the Mod Lab. We started out with the A to Z of Electronics youtube vid made by uber inspiring electronics hacker Jeri Ellsworth to lay some ground, fried some components and all in all had an excellent time. Next up for Open Workshops is Paul and Andrew‘s Intro to 3D Printing happening next Thursday, March 17th. Andrew was featured yesterday on the Makerbot blog for his work within the Makerbot community. Looking forward to it!

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2 Responses to “Mod Lab’s March 2nd Recap”

  1. JMLB says:

    Would be neat if you could determine how much of the plastic will be fed by the time it reaches a certain part of the printing. Then we could to multicolor printing.

  2. Macs says:

    I would like to see an “evalbot” type belt for my dog 🙂 HE already have a small belt where i hide a small encrypted micro-sd card with the some sensitive data, but to give him so much thrust to host a website… 😀

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