Mod Lab’s December 1st Meetup

A call was put out a month or so ago for artists to submit project proposals to use Artengine’s Makerbot to aid in the fabrication of their work. Chayle Cook, an Ottawa-based artist specializing in jewelery, printmaking and book art has been working intensely on modeling a new ring design using Blender, a free open source 3D content creation program, to communicate her ideas to the Makerbot. Her current body of work deals with a playful exploration of form and improbable geometry, partially expressed through the integration of these new 3D printed objects.

After the inaugural first attempt at printing, amid much cheering and exclamation, the ring’s form appeared on top of a heavy base of plastic.

From here the ring will need a lot of sanding and honing for it to be in line with the original design but considering the amount of time it took to go from pixels to physical prototype, having a Makerbot aid the vision of 3D artists is really a wonderful thing!

Blender is relatively easy to navigate and use and the Makerbot is available for Artengine members and Mod Labbers to create from- it would be great to see more artists utilizing it for their work!

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