Yama Dou : a new Ottawa blog that is probably hipper than us . . .

One of the regions best monthly parties happens on Tuesdays over in Gatineau at the Petite Chicago. I rarely get out as my grown up body is slowly catching up with my more reckless mind, but I made a special trip last week for the Boy Scout Killers party as it was the launch of a new locally based blog – Yama Dou. The goals of Yama Dou are close to our hearts. They are almost like a little sister with a focus on new media and electronic music. I think electronic music will fuel their blog fire, but they managed to touch base with Irish performance artist Alistair McLennan while he was in town which is far off the dubstep, electro path.

I think the site is being driven by a collective of folks, probably with some over lap with the BSK crew, but I did pin down promoter and organizer Daniel Tuomo as one the principals.  Daniel has been bringing great stuff to this city and Ottawa is just a bit cooler because of his efforts. This is a great extension of the Place Machine Collective and will be another great tool to broaden the scope of our burgeoning little cultural community, at least in until they all wander off to Montréal in search of others like them.

Have a read through the fledgling Yama Dou, and put it in your RSS feeder to keep you updated….


Also Place Machine is here:


and the BSK crew is here:


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  1. AO says:

    Great to see so much percolating in O-Town!

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