Hackerspace in the Artengine Lab

Good times ahead for the renegade technologist in you as Artengine has started to work with a loose formation of geeks to bring a new hackerspace to fruition in Ottawa. It’s all in very early stages, but we will be meeting again on February 10th in the M70 Lab for a bit of a work and play gathering.

The Hackerspace people have been around for abit, but I think we have found a great complimentary energy and it’s going to be good times ahead.

For a view on a much more fully formed Hackerspace check out the Foulab in Montréal. I wish I could be there for their Basic Principles of Refrigeration workshop!

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3 Responses to “Hackerspace in the Artengine Lab”

  1. Paul says:

    awesome! The goals seem pretty different but is this at all connected to 2600? I used to go to 2600 meetings in the late 90s when they were at Café Wim (rip).

    Now they happen the first Friday of every month at 6:30pm in the food court of the World Exchange Plaza. No idea what kind of group it attracts now. http://www.o2600.com/

  2. Artengine says:

    o2600 are meeting in a food court. We should really have them over at Artengine. It's no palace, but it doesn't smell like deep fry. Wait maybe thats not a plus . . .

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