Sean Arden and Tijmen Schep

Hello all.

Tijmen and I are at Artengine creating a piece for the upcoming Artivistic 2009 Gathering in Montreal. We have never met but were encouraged to collaborate online and create something for Artivistic.


Tijmen Schep is an artist and media theorist in the field of ubiquitous and future computing in general, and wireless and locative media in particular. He is a founding member of the Foundation which promotes wireless media art in public space.

Sean Arden is an artist and researcher somewhere between art and technology. My interests lie in the ephemera of technology and the effects of said technology on people and perception.

Tijmen is arriving on Sunday and we will finish up our installation at Artengine when he gets here. We are creating an interactive installation using the Arduino and Max MSP. We are making a sex crazed “Cumputer” But what does a machine find sexy?

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