PDCon 09

This will be the third international gathering of artists and researchers to discuss all things PureData, and if you are using PureData you should really try and head to this event. The call for works and papers is out now. Go here to check it out.

Artengine lent a helping hand to the slew of great organizations that put on the last gathering in Montréal in 2007. It really was the best kind of arty nerd fest you could hope for, but dropping the next one in São Paulo is really stepping it up a notch. We will all probably decide that keeping it located in Brazil is a the best idea. That way we have an excuse to come back every two years and talk about Arduino’s on the beach.

BTW: If you are a local artist working with PD and are interested in PDCon please get in touch with us here at Artengine. It is a very friendly network of people working on the conference and we would love to connect you with it!

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