It was a fantastic edition of Dorkbot. Even though I wasn’t there everyone has been telling me what a great time they had, so no I am extra sad I missed it. Thanks to all who came out to share, especially those who brought stuff like the very sweet home made sequencer. It made for a great night, and thanks to Philippe from SAW Video for snapping off some photos.

Normand shows us around his inexpensive and clever microphones.

I believe it is important to have at least one chin holding photo from a Dorkbot session, otherwise I wouldn’t know how interesting the experiments. Thanks for obliging Andrew.

Impromptu sequencer presentation. A+!

Sean Squelchbox Lamothe, with all his excellent enthusiasm, shows us the next level of circuit bending. Sean is going to be working with Saskatoon’s Carrie Gates on an incredible audio visual extravaganza during the Electric Fields Festival in November. We are also going to host the next Dorkbot during Electric Fields so keep an eye on the website or the email list for details.

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2 Responses to “Dork-a-licious!”

  1. Carrie says:

    I’m so excited! See you in November!

  2. David Scrimshaw says:

    I’m glad I finally made it to a Dorkbot edition. Inspiring.

    I put a post about it on my blog and added the links to it that Normand sent to the mailing list.

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