Summer of Code 2007

The good people at are stoked, and with good reason: Google has sponsored 20 of their projects for Summer of Code 2007. check out the article here:

Drupal is an open source content management platform, with core values much akin to our own. You’ll be hearing a lot about Drupal here at Artengine in the months to come, as this software is one of the options we’re looking into for our brand new website (due in the latter part of this year – stay tuned!). Drupal comes with some solid endorsement, not the least of which from our friends at – they’re website is generated by the Drupal software.

Here is Drupal’s mission statement (taken from


By building on relevant standards and open source technologies, Drupal supports and enhances the potential of the Internet as a medium where diverse and geographically-separated individuals and groups can collectively produce, discuss, and share information and ideas. With a central interest in and focus on communities and collaboration, Drupal’s flexibility allows the collaborative production of online information systems and communities.

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