Slight Interruption in Online Services, or Why It’s Better To Talk To A Live Person Anyway

Apologies from the gang at Artengine while we try are darndest to resolve the server situation that has our website and email down at present time. We will keep you posted on the goings on as they progress.

In the meantime, members will by now have received notice of a Free workshop offerred this Thursday (why, that’s tomorrow) from 7pm to 10pm. For any member who might be interested, please read on, and pre-register with us by phone at 613-482-0119.

And here’s an idea, if you’re not currently a member, or if your membership is on the brink of expiring, why not sign up for our Supporting Membership, which only costs $20 for the year and allows you membership prices for workshops (in this case, Free). You would also garner access to our artist-rates for equipment rental and voting privileges at our annual general meeting. Give us a call for more info.

Okay, enough shameless self-promoting, here’s the information on tomorrow’s workshop with Tasman Richardson:

Video Vulture Culture and Musical Editing Workshop
with Tasman Richardson (Toronto)

Thursday April 4th, 7-10pm.

Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street

Artengine and SAW Video are pleased to present Video Vulture Culture and Musical Editing Workshop as part of SMASH – a speed driven evening of audio-visual performance mash-ups.

Please note this workshop is offered free of charge to SAW Video and Artengine members.

Register in advance with Artengine.
Telephone: 613-482-0119

Video artist Tasman Richardson is the founder of the JAWA style of rhythmic collage video. This innovative editing style, inspired by the “cut ups/fold ups” literary technique, is the logical next step and natural heir of the Burroughs/Gysin analysis into the destruction and recontextual-isation of mainstream media.

In this unique hands-on workshop participants will learn to:

– Assemble beats and melodies using video edits
– Create track composites for added complexity
– Appropriate elusive or unstable video signals
– Develop concepts for video collage projects
– Apply JAWA philosophy of audience communication and manipulation

The hands on components to this workshop will be taught using Final Cut Pro with instructor supplied video clips.

This workshop is being delivered at the intermediate to advanced level. Previous knowledge and understanding of digital postproduction and NLE is a recommended pre-requisite.

Instructor: Tasman Richardson

Tasman Richardson has been a practicing video artist, electronic composer, designer, and curator for over a decade. He has exhibited and performed extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and Asia, and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. He is the founder of the JAWA style of rhythmic scavenger collage video (1996) and co-founder of the FAMEFAME media arts collective (2002). His work focuses on the spectacle of our tele-visionary existence, the re-unification of sound and image, subliminal composition and the capture of elusive digital refuse.

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