Elektra – Day 1

This year the Elektra festival has expanded beyond its usual 6 day scale into a month long digital art bienniale with work everywhere around the core of the city and at all kinds of scales. We will post a number of reflections on the projects we experience here on the blog, and I wanted to start with quick mention of the first work I saw yesterday.

Supernova from Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves , presented as part of Out of the Blue / Into the Black, is a truly magical work. A cube of glass housing ever replenishing fog, and ghostly projection cycles through the life line of the Supernova Cassiopeia A. This work is rare work that for me succeeds on conceptual, technical and aesthetic levels. It really feels like a poetic containment of the life of a star and the colors diffused in the fog are subtle and warm in a way that screen based projection work just cannot match.

There is much more to come but the first impression will be hard to match for me!


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