Current Projects

Outdoor Projection in Port Hope with Johann Baron Lanteigne, Laura Taler and Mercedes Ventura

Artengine is delighted to collaborate with Critical Mass on their first Illuminights – an outdoor projection for Port Hope, Ontario. Fluid Light brings a cross section of projects that combine analogue and digital technologies with both contemplative and playful video projections into the streets of this changing Ontario small town. With work from Johann Baron Lanteigne, Laura Taler and Mercedes Ventura.
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Fluid Light - A collaboration with Critical Mass


Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Meryl McMaster, Sasha Phipps and The Macronauts

Entanglements presents artworks, at the Karsh-Masson Gallery at City Hall, from Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Meryl McMaster, Sasha Phipps and The Macronauts. Together they explore stories of ecological change and entangled perspectives – of vulnerable and troubled spaces, people, and species, bound in a series of evolving relationships. See Below for details on programming and online content.

Entanglements @ Karsh-Masson


Considering the relationship of art, architecture and craft in process

This exhibition explores the collaborations between architecture studio, artists and crafts people in the design and construction of the Mingei Museum in Sand Diego. Jennifer Luce and her design studio collaborated extensively with a number of artists and crafts people to create custom elements for the museum. This exhibit focuses on the collaborations with Claudy Jongstra, Billy Tsien and Petra Blaisse. These works combine both analogue and digital technologies and explore the potential or even necessity of collaboration in the design and production.
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LUCE et Studio and the Mingei Museum


Willem Deisinger, Sarah Hodgson, Lake, Hanna Palmer, Jessica Rousseau and a cast of machines.

This exhibition brings together three works by emerging artists who considering AI and machine learning technology. These technologies are not central to any of the artists practice, so they bring a curiosity of artists trying to understand the space that AI and ML are occupying in our culture. While image generation is one of the most high-profile accomplishments in recent AI press, language and dialogue remain one of the most widespread applications of these technologies. Customer service chatbots and personal assistants in our mobile devices engage with us through language on a daily basis, and we likely consume an increasing amount of writing of all kinds produced by machines. As they wander the edges of the rapidly expanding geography of synthetic intelligence, these art works explore the technologies clumsy and awkward growth while also trying to tease out something deeper at work inside the machine.

Machine Dialogues


A project by Macy Siu, Kofi Oduro, Julie Gendron

A vision for a networked system of care and reciprocity to tackle artist precarity.
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Offer Need Machine (ONM)


In depth ideas about art and the digital economy

The Digital Economies Reader was an evolving dossier produced over the course of the Digital Economies Lab. Lead writer, Matthew Braga, was embedded with the DEL in Ottawa for its kick-off and followed along with the members and their projects as they unfolded over the course of the lab. The Reader also includes reading recommendations and intersecting perspectives from beyond the lab.
2021-10 DER HOLO Capture

Digital Economies Reader