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A collective study program and collaborative space for artists to radically imagine culture and society as they should be.

The Sourdough Residency Program is a paid incubator for creative exploration and peer-learning around themes of shared urgencies in society, in order to re-imagine a more inclusive future from an artistic point of view. Each program cycle invites initiatives led by historically marginalized artists.


Established in 2018, Sourdough is powered by Artengine and managed by Mariam Zohouri, Remco Volmer and Zainab Muse.

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Sourdough Residency Program


An aggregator of Canadian arts content assembled from YouTube

The CanCon AV Index (CAVI) is a collection of over 33,000 YouTube videos from 500+ cultural organizations receiving government funding and operating across the Indigenous territories we now call Canada.


Click on the link to go to directly to the searchable index or check out our collection of resource pages about the project.


Using a collection of open data tools and available plugins for Chrome and WordPress, we hacked together a resource for cultural professionals, researchers and students. The CAVI fences off sections of YouTube and presents it to you without their visual clutter and algorithmic interference.



CanCon AV Index


Created by Trophy

Remixed is a deep listening experience that explores how we make change in our lives, communities, and world. Each listener receives their own playlist of music, narrative prompts and true stories of transformation from all over the globe, personalized for them by our algorithmic DJ and experienced via our web app. Remixed brings listeners to community members from all over the globe sharing sharing intimate stories of change. Each playlist evokes a sense of place, space, and presence. Weaving the personal with the collective, Remixed invites listeners to tune in to how change moves through their own lives. Remixed is a hybrid performance that can be experienced remotely or in-person.


This project is the latest manifestation of Trophy, an evolving and award-winning creative investigation into individual and collective change rooted in the personal lived experiences of communities across the globe. For more information about Trophy, please visit our website.

Image of the right half of the back of a human head. The person is wearing over-ear headphones, and is lifting the right headphone off the ear. Overtop of the image are dreamy flecks of pink, green, blue and purple.



A play by writer-director Megan Piercey Monafu, with sound design by Johnny Wideman, and dramaturgy by Scout Rexe

We are thrilled to announce the limited-time run of Megan Piercey Monafu’s audio play STRATA INC. This immersive audio experience now features a newly commissioned epilogue, created specifically for this run.


Find the Spotify link to STRATA INC. here:
_DSC7048 2



An evening of sound art and avant-garde electronics

An evening of sound art and avant-garde electronics with Thomas Ankersmit (Berlin & Amsterdam), Jessica Ekomane (Berlin) and GOLPESAR (Montreal).

digital poster 4

Thomas Ankersmit, Jessica Ekomane, & GOLPESAR


Outdoor Projection in Port Hope with Johann Baron Lanteigne, Laura Taler and Mercedes Ventura

Artengine is delighted to collaborate with Critical Mass on their first Illuminights – an outdoor projection for Port Hope, Ontario.

Fluid Light brings a cross section of projects that combine analogue and digital technologies with both contemplative and playful video projections into the streets of this changing Ontario small town. With work from Johann Baron Lanteigne, Laura Taler and Mercedes Ventura.

Manipulations 06

Fluid Light - A collaboration with Critical Mass