Welcome to the CanCon AV Index


Search through over 33,000 YouTube videos from 500+ different arts organizations receiving government funding and operating across the Indigenous territories we now call Canada.

Type in the search bar to search through titles, descriptions and any automated transcriptions of YouTube videos. 

To be more precise, put your search in ” “ and the search results will be limited to those results showing only what is in quotations.


Descriptions are provided by the organizations to YouTube and the transcriptions are automated.


This means you can search with as many languages as are present in the videos themselves.

How to CanConify!


The CanCon AV Index is a prototype and a provocation. We hope it is a useful tool, but it is also a challenge to ourselves and our community to think differently about the infrastructure we require for culture.


Check out our resource page for our critical reflections, practical insight on how we did it (and how you can to) and insights for the conversations we conducted with our community.


This project was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, Digital Strategy Fund.