Audio-Visual Artwork

Electric Fields is pleased to present a spot-light on the unique work of the V-Atak label from France.

Founded in 2002, V-Atak is a label dedicated to audio-visual art. Made up of a hybrid of VJs, movie makers and musicians, our label has grown to develop an uncompromising aesthetic. When performing live or producing video music, our crew is at its best when taking risks. Our services and products (installations, VJing, DVDs) reflect a constant questioning of the manner and matter of digital technology and its limits.

Start: 05/11/2010

End: 05/11/2010

In Tasman Richardson’s Greatest Hits: A Video Mix Tape Bear Witness takes the idea of the DJ mix tape and applies it to Tasman Richardson’s extensive library of JAWA remix work. In this two-channel video installation Witness utilizes the dual screens to represent turntables allowing the viewer to see the visual mix that they are also hearing.

V-Atak, Rko