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Image of the right half of the back of a human head. The person is wearing over-ear headphones, and is lifting the right headphone off the ear. Overtop of the image are dreamy flecks of pink, green, blue and purple.

Remixed is a deep listening experience that explores how we make change in our lives, communities, and world. Each listener receives their own playlist of music, narrative prompts and true stories of transformation from all over the globe, personalized for them by our algorithmic DJ and experienced via our web app. Remixed brings listeners to community members from all over the globe sharing sharing intimate stories of change. Each playlist evokes a sense of place, space, and presence. Weaving the personal with the collective, Remixed invites listeners to tune in to how change moves through their own lives. Remixed is a hybrid performance that can be experienced remotely or in-person.


This project is the latest manifestation of Trophy, an evolving and award-winning creative investigation into individual and collective change rooted in the personal lived experiences of communities across the globe. For more information about Trophy, please visit our website.

Start: 01/01/2023

End: 30/06/2023

Remixed can be experienced in-person or remotely. Remixed‘s in-person version is experienced collectively in an immersive garden-inspired installation – a glowing ecosystem that breathes a life of its own. The installation is modular and scalable, and it can be tailored to most spaces. Listeners experience their playlists on their personal mobile devices while surrounded by glowing kinetic sculptures in continual transformation. Projection, lighting and and sound guide the playlist, creating a heightened and collective experience. Personal change is intricately linked with social change, and each element of the performance creates subtle opportunities for interaction and connection. The installation’s movements conceal and reveal, creating a space of possibility.


Remixed‘s remote version is a playful intersection of local geography and digital experience. Listeners choose where they would like to experience Remixed, whether at home, in a park, at a friend’s, or in a café. An installation kit is dropped off with each listener on the day of the performance. Inside is a peat pellet and seeds. During the performance, listeners are guided to create their own immersive environment while listening to their playlist. The result is a subtle visualization of change listeners can keep afterwards, a physical marker of our digital experience. The package includes seeds chosen in consideration of their individual symbolic and biological properties and the geographic area.



Remixed was created by the following creative team in collaboration with change-makers and community members across Canada and beyond.


  • Director and Producer: Sarah Conn
  • Dramaturg and Collaborator: Laurel Green
  • Environmental Installation Concept and Flower Installation Designer: Allison O’Connor
  • Projection & Cloud Installation Designer: Michaela van Beinum
  • Lighting Designer: Guillaume Saindon
  • Assistant Lighting Designer: Alexis Gagnon-Clément
  • Electrical Designer: Michaela van Beinum
  • UI/UX Designer: Véronique Claude
  • Web Developers: Kieran Dunch, Miceal Gallagher
  • Backend Developer: Julien Desautels
  • In-App and Performance Sound Designer and Collaborator: Nancy Tam
  • Assistant Sound Designer: Charlier Cooper
  • Decade Music Curation: AL Connors
  • Creative Makers: Tiffany Joseph, Robert Simoneau, Kris Van Loon, Madison O’Connor, Robert O’Connor
  • Accessibility Dramaturg: Shay Erlich
  • UX Consultants: Hosan Lee, Mutual Design (Lead: christian scott), Frankie Latour


Our story contributors are anonymous to support their participation. They live all over the globe, and include community activists, doctors, outreach workers, parents, children, death doulas, artists, CEOs, tarot card readers, apiarists, urban planners, military officers, small business owners, an anesthesiologist, and several opera singers. They might even include you! We are so grateful for their generosity and courage.


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Remixed’s call for story contributors is open to anyone around the world, and there is no deadline. For more information and to submit your story, visit our website.

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Remixed’s development is supported by Artengine, In the Soil Arts Festival, the undercurrents festival’s under development program, the City of Ottawa, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ottawa Seed Library.


Our story gathering partners include the Parkdale Food Centre, Wellspring Cancer Support Centre, Orange Shirt Day Victoria, and Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers.


Development and Touring History


  • 2023: Intrepid Theatre’s Incoming Festival (Victoria BC) (in-person version)
  • 2022: In the Soil Arts Festival (St Catharines ON) (workshop presentation, in-person version)
  • 2021: Third Space’s Third Shift Festival (St Johns NB) (remote version)
  • 2021: undercurrents festival (Ottawa ON) (remote version)
  • 2020: Nocturne: Art At Night (Halifax NS) (remote version)
  • 2020: In the Soil Multi-Arts Festival (St Catharines ON) (remote version premiere)
  • 2019: undercurrents’ underdevelopment (Ottawa ON) (workshop presentation)