Exploring Electronic Art

Electronic art can be fluid and elusive. Ideas are often ahead of technology. An artist’s work is always evolving. Can we create a presentation environment that allows artists to express the tension between these parts of the creative process?

Start: 03/11/2010

End: 06/11/2011

In collaboration with the City of Ottawa and the Karsh-Masson Gallery, Electric Fields examines the role of the prototype in the work of 5 artists from the region.

Part contemporary art and part museum experience, this show offers the public a unique perspective on the various stages of the life of an artistic project. From a look at the evolving nature of Gordon Monahan’s Speaker Swinging to the bleeding edge of technology with nichola feldman-kiss’ explorations on new ways of seeing, Prototype is a unique expression of the creative process in electronic art.


nichola feldman-kiss, Donna Legault, Gordon Monahan, Andrew O’Malley, Catherine Richards