Maker Faire

Bringing the greatest show and tell on earth to the capital region

Artengine produced 7 Maker Faires over the course of a decade. We brought the first Maker Faire to Canada in 2010 and built up a community and audience around this fun celebration of making (in all it’s forms).
At the heart of the event, for Artengine, was a messy and creative mix of DIY culture, science, technology and engineering, and of course art. Over our time building the Maker Faire event we build up an amazing ecosystem of partners and collaborators, particularly with the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology and Carleton University who supported the development of this event with an incredible spirit of generosity. Even more important than the collaborators were the community of makers who made the event so special.

Start: 06/11/2010

End: 23/09/2018

Partners and Sponsors