Bends Circuits and Rewires Minds

with Jeff Morton

Jeff Morton performed live in a showcase that encapsulates many of the ideas and concepts behind All The Horses and The Egg, using DIY modified instruments to produce new and unexpected musical forms.

Start: 26/04/2011

End: 07/05/2011

Created by Regina-based artist/performer Jeff Morton, this installation piece consists of multiple (6-12) small interactive stations for the creation of live, circuit-bent sound. Participants interact with push-buttons, sliders, dials, and other electronic controls to activate re-wired and modified toy electronic instruments. The installation is both a performable instrument and a composition written with physical objects, and is intended to communicate the impracticality of, and sometimes seemingly malicious intent of, electronic children’s toys that carry educational messages, particularly about music.


Jeff Morton

Composer/performer Jeff Morton completed a Masters Degree in Music Composition at the University of Victoria. Jeff Morton performs as an improvising and electro-acoustic musician, and works with dancers, visual artists, and media artists across Canada and internationally. In addition to performing and composing, Jeff is a recording engineer, gallery technician, and graphic designer. He currently works out of Regina, Sk,Canada. See also for recent activities and full CV.

Presented by SAW Video in collaboration with the National Arts Centre's Prairie Scene.