Cheryl L'Hirondelle is a open site for ndn interventions and projects for and by artists in any discipline who self identify as indigenous. it is also a site for indigenous art organisations dedicated to supporting art activities. is devoted to the propagation of art on the internet and the artistic exploration of new technologies.

Start: 13/11/2008

End: 23/11/2008

Only a few years ago, ultra-multitasking artist and musician Cheryl L’Hirondelle slipped by our airtight on-line security to make over Artengine in a new image and was born. With the launch of our new site we thought it only fair to leave the side door open for one of our favorite artists to update the face of For this edition of Electric Fields we bring you version 3.0 of this hybrid art/web portal project.

Cheryl L'Hirondelle

(cree/halfbreed; german/polish)
Cheryl L’Hirondelle is an interdisciplinary and community-engaged artist; a singer/songwriter and a critical thinker whose family roots are from Papaschase First Nation, amiskwaciy waskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta) and Kikino Metis Settlement, Alberta. Her work investigates and attempts to articulate the dynamism of nehiyawin (Cree worldview) in contemporary time-place with a practice that incorporates Indigenous language(s), audio, video, virtual reality, the olfactory, music and audience/user participation to create immersive environments towards ‘radical inclusion.’