Architectures of Hiding

Making and reflecting on what is hidden and revealed

Architectures of Hiding is the first symposium organized by Carleton Research | Practice of Teaching | Collaborative (CR|PT|C). The symposium, its online exhibition and the artistic dialogues Artengine collaborated on with CRIPTIC examined the idea of hiding in architectural design, construction and destruction, writing and drawing and of course in research. Artengine worked with CRIPTIC to produce a series of conversations with the creators presenting work in the online exhibition.

Start: 24/09/2021

End: 25/09/2021

Artist Interviews


The Architectures of Hiding exhibition includes engaging work exploring the presence of the body public space, the erasure of history in contested landscapes, the development of camouflage, the speculative acts of hiding objects in the walls of construction and much more.

Artengine worked with CRIPTIC to produce a series of engaging conversations with the artist presenting work in the online exhibition.


Listen to Heather Leier | Department of Art, University of Calgary, Treaty 7 region in southern Alberta, Canada, talk about her work: Avert


Listen to Hala Barakat | College of Art & Architecture, University of Idaho, Moscow, United States, talk about her work: A new approach to writing history The reconstruction of history through nodal spaces in the Ghost city of Lifta


Listen to François Sabourin (Schidlowski Emerging Faculty Fellow | College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio) and Bertrand Rougier (Architect, Oslo, Norway), talk about their work: Verdures


Listen to Josh Silver, Manchester Architectural Research Group, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, talk about his work: The Art and Craft of the Art and Craft of Asking your Boss for a Raise


Listen to Claudio Sgarbi, Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, talk about the collaborative work: Hidden Relics


To view the full exhibition of Architectures of Hiding: On displaying the Hidden

curated by Rana Abughannam, Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon, and Monica Eileen Patterson

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About the Symposium

Architectural creation, its representation, interpretation, and associated activities more often than not are seen as processes of revelation. However, one can argue that architecture hides as much as it reveals. The Purloined Letter, a detective story written by Edgar Allen Poe, describes the chase to look for a stolen letter with confidential information. The story revolves around the search for a letter hidden by being left out in the open. Allen Poe highlights a complicated relationship between visibility, revelation, clarity and its complementary hiding, concealing, camouflaging.

In the realm of architecture, are there examples of ‘hiding’ in teaching, representing, knowing, writing and building architecture? If so, how do those manifest themselves? How is hiding practiced under other terms that obscure the practice of concealment? What does it result in? What sources does it emerge from and who operates behind it?

This symposium aims to explore processes of hiding that can take representational, material and theoretical forms.

Architectures of Hiding is the inaugural event in the series of biennial symposia called Agora, organized by Carleton Research | Practice of Teaching | Collaborative (CR|PT|C).

CR|PT|C is formed by PhD candidates and students, Post-Professional Master students, and faculty members from the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Held on September 24–26, 2021, the symposium is organized and coordinated by Rana Abughannam, Émélie Desrochers Turgeon and Pallavi Swaranjali with the supervision of Federica Goffi and with the advisorship of Monica Eileen Patterson.

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