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OK, here is the official call:


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Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 19:23:08 -0400
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Subject: RE: StudioXX meeting


Studio XX Background

Studio XX (www.studioxx.org) is Montreal's foremost women's digital resource
centre. Through a variety of creative activities and initiatives, the Studio
works with women to demystify digital technologies to critically examine
their social aspects, to facilitate women's access to technology, and to
create and exhibit women's new digital art.

Studio XX is committed to providing digital technology training and
instruction to women (preferably but not exclusively) at all levels of
experience, both artists and non-artists. It is the Studio's goal that women
not only use these technologies, but are a defining presence in cyberspace.

Studio XX Proposed Collaboration:

In an effort to demystify Linux and promote its philosophy and that of
free/open-source software, Studio XX has installed a Linux lab.  What we
would now like to do is promote its use (both in our lab and on their own
computers) to our members.  

What we are looking for is a few (2 or 3 people) to form an instructional
committee with Studio XX in an effort to teach introductory sessions on
Linux and its software.    

Schedule:  (still open for discussion)

The following are some of the desired introductory topics for each session:

1.       Understanding the Linux O/S - Linux philosophy and history, Linux
Distributions, walk-through of the user interface, understanding program

2.       Linux InstallFest1 - Demonstration of Linux Installation, Linux
Distributions for MAC and x86, LiveCDs, Knoppix.  Distribute/Exchange
Knoppix CDs to members.

3.       Linux Software - installing software on Linux, using the
pre-installed software, the file system, directory structure, internet
access (dial-up, LAN) using Linux, printing, internet browsers

4.       Linux Command Line Interface - understanding the interface,
learning some useful commands

5.	Tutorials on specific Linux software 

Any interested people can contact Jacqueline: 
Email:  jacqueline.hewitt at sympatico.ca
Phone: 514-845-0289 (please leave a message)
Web: www.studioxx.org 

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