[Pdmtl] cross posting : StudioXX Collaboration (fwd)

Andrew Brouse brouse at music.mcgill.ca
Sun Oct 17 19:24:41 EDT 2004

Hello pdmtl,

- sorry for a cross posting -

The McGill Linux User Group and StudioXX have been trying to organize some
Linux workshops to be held real soon (now delayed) at StudioXX.  They have
been having some trouble finding volunteers to shepherd the workshops
(apart from me, it seems).  If anyone is interested, contact me and I will
pass it along or you can contact Jacqueline at StudioXX.

This is volunteer work.


>From Jacqueline of StudioXX:

Proposed Collaboration:

Schedule:  (this is waiting to be confirmed by McLUG)

Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm.

Proposed Start date:  October 16th.

The following are the desired introductory topics for each session:

1.       Understanding the Linux O/S - Oct. 16th  - Linux philosophy and
history, Linux Distributions, walk-through of the user interface,
understanding program compatibility

2.       Linux InstallFest1 - Oct.23rd  - Demonstration of Linux
Installation, Linux Distributions for MAC and x86, LiveCDs, Knoppix.
Distribute/Exchange  Knoppix CDs to members.

3.       Linux Software - Nov.6th  - installing software on Linux, using the
pre-installed software, the file system, directory structure, internet
access (dial-up, LAN) using Linux, printing, internet browsers

4.       Linux Command Line Interface - Nov.13th  - understanding the
interface, learning some useful commands

Instructor(s): McLUG members.

Costs to XX:

There are 2 options here:

*         Resource exchange:  instead of paying McLUG for the sessions we do
a resource exchange. We had not planned on charging our members for these
sessions, this is why we were working with the idea of a resource exchange;
McLUG provides the lessons free to us while we allow them to use whatever
resources we have to offer.  Currently this is: use of the Linux lab for
their purposes, use of the StudioXX space for their purposes,
promotion.things of the sort.  Suggest something and we may be able to
provide it.

*         Monetary payment:  If McLUG would prefer to get paid for teaching
the sessions, then suggest a price and we will start negotiating.  Right now
we only have 4 sessions scheduled for 3 hours each.  So how much would you
like to get paid per hour? Or a flat rate?  This will require us to charge
our members so let us know.

Number of participants:

We will require registration for the sessions so the number will vary from
week to week.  Although there are only 6 Linux workstations in the lab,
participants can still very much benefit from listening to the presentation
and looking on while another uses the computer, so the number of
participants should not be limited.  If there are not sufficient registrants
(4) by the Thursday before the session, the session will be cancelled.

Please discuss this among yourselves and confirm the dates and the cost as
soon as possible.  We would like to begin advertising these sessions.

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