[Pdmtl] Bruce Pennycook Public Seminar

Ko Umezaki ko at healthyboys.com
Wed Oct 20 17:33:23 EDT 2004

My apologies if this is inappropriate for this list, but I thought I'd post
the announcement below for an upcoming public seminar on music and
visualization systems by Bruce Pennycook at the Faculty of Music building
at McGill this Friday.

Please feel free to forward this message...





Music and Audio Visualization - Interactive, Real-time Video-music

Friday, October 22, 2004

12-3 p.m.

Bruce Pennycook

Room E-230 (a.k.a. MTCL)
Strathcona Music Building

Popular computer-based media players include features for visual
accompaniment to audio playback, often with deliberate correlation between
what is heard and what is seen.

Bruce Pennycook, founder of the Music-Technology area at McGill's Faculty
of Music and currently holding a joint appointment in the School of Music
and the Department of Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas,
will present his thoughts and recent work in the field of music and audio
visualization within the context of real-time computing systems.

All are invited and welcome!

Kojiro Umezaki
Healthy Boys, L.L.C.
Email: ko at healthyboys.com

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