[Pdmtl] puredata conference - Montreal

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Wed Oct 13 08:42:24 EDT 2004

Le 13 Octobre 2004 07:20, Matju a écrit :

> 4. Collaborate directly with them to make a single Graz/Montreal 2005
> (tele)conference. Would be high-tech and would tie in with the
> technological investments of the SAT and InterAccess. 

Interesting idea...

> However how much would it be a really united conference is as much 
> of a social challenge as it is a technological one. I suppose a lot of 
> people will want to share things over the ocean, and I suppose the 
> stations reserved for telepresence would be few and implemented 
> in only one room per involved city...

If the setup is properly designed, it should be possible to stream and receive 
from a few stations at once. 

> Alright. Let's go in the Laurentides, with no other village in a radius of
> 50km, founding a commune. Groovy. Seven days of peace, love, and pure
> data.

Seven days not being in town, in a big "cabane au Canada"... I know it's a 
little bit scary, but with enough urban supplies and a good satellite 
Internet connection, we would survive. Let's organize an online workshop on 
virtual moose calling. :-)


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