[Pdmtl] puredata conference - Montreal

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Wed Oct 13 09:04:04 EDT 2004

Matju <matju at sympatico.ca> writes:

> Alright. Let's go in the Laurentides, with no other village in a radius of
> 50km, founding a commune. Groovy. Seven days of peace, love, and pure
> data.

In the winter.  That will keep everybody indoors.  And I'd say
Charlevoix. It's nicer.

I think that a conference in 2 or 3 locations at the same time is a
cool idea.  Providing that everything can be streamed (and archived?).
But it should be limited to one location per continent and schedule
the events in such a way that they don't overlap.  And 24hrs music (+
video?) streaming a la Placard Headphone Festival.


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