[Pdmtl] [DISFA] Pure Data [PD] tutorial this wednesday (fwd)

Matju matju at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 15 22:34:03 EST 2004

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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:18:50 -0500
From: Omar Faleh <alfal_o at alcor.concordia.ca>
To: disfa at encs.concordia.ca
Subject: [DISFA] Pure Data [PD] tutorial this wednesday

Wednesday 17. November ++ VA-01 [18.30PM]
.. don't forget..
..and spread the word aoround to everyone you know to be interested.. 
especially those working with tangible media and hybrid interfaces using 
MIDI Input/Output.
PD is your free open cource alternative to MAX/MSP.. and we all love the 
open source community..right?

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