[Pdmtl] Help with Gem [pix_video] and webcam

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Nov 12 13:08:19 EST 2004

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If you are using OSX there is no Gem support for anything but firewire cameras!

(probably due to the fact that web-cams offer very poor quality and no real
performance gain on OSX)

That being said the now discontinued iBot cameras from orange micro are web-cam
quality and do work with gem (though apparently they shouldn't)

If you want USB (or quicktime capture support) in Gem then ask on the
gem-dev at iem.at list or perhaps the regular pd list. (hmmm there may be a feature
request tracker for gem... nope only PD not Gem.)

Otherwise you can use a fire-wire camera or get a DV bridge and use an analog
camera. Both will give you much better quality and much less noise than a
web-cam. For tracking a web-cam is barely useful.


Patrick Nicastro wrote:
| Bonjour,
| Hello all,
| Can someone help me with [pix_video], its seems that  Gem does' nt
| connect with the web cam
| with [pix_video ] The webcam works fine with the driver MACAM but no
| patche can get the video.  I'm getting this following set  up message.
| The web cam is a Dlink USB DSB-C100
| Thanks
| Patrick Nicastro
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| pix_videoDarwin: could not set SG ChannelBounds
| pix_videoDarwin: could not set SG ChannelUsage
| pix_videoDarwin: set SG NormalQuality
| pix_videoDarwin: Using YUV
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