Current Projects

A project by Macy Siu, Kofi Oduro, Julie Gendron

A vision for a networked system of care and reciprocity to tackle artist precarity.
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Offer Need Machine (ONM)


In depth ideas about art and the digital economy

The Digital Economies Reader was an evolving dossier produced over the course of the Digital Economies Lab. Lead writer, Matthew Braga, was embedded with the DEL in Ottawa for its kick-off and followed along with the members and their projects as they unfolded over the course of the lab. The Reader also includes reading recommendations and intersecting perspectives from beyond the lab.
2021-10 DER HOLO Capture

Digital Economies Reader


Co-presented installation at Pique Fall Edition

Yolande Laroche’s “Journal d’Enfance” was co-presented with Debaser as part of their amazing multi-sensory series Pique. This was the premiere of this intimate sonic experience mixing childhood memories and fantastical sonic experiments.

Journal d'enfance


Making and reflecting on what is hidden and revealed

Architectures of Hiding is the first symposium organized by Carleton Research | Practice of Teaching | Collaborative (CR|PT|C). The symposium, its online exhibition and the artistic dialogues Artengine collaborated on with CRIPTIC examined the idea of hiding in architectural design, construction and destruction, writing and drawing and of course in research. Artengine worked with CRIPTIC to produce a series of conversations with the creators presenting work in the online exhibition.
2021-09 Architectures of Hiding

Architectures of Hiding


Fostering artistic prosperity in a digital world

For our Digital Economies Lab, Artengine brought together a diverse group of artists, designers and other creatives to rethink the infrastructure of cultural production in the 21st century. The DEL asked, how do we foster artistic prosperity in a world increasingly dominated by digital technologies? Are there more challenges than opportunities in the current landscape of cultural production? How can we make a viable and sustainable space for artists, creatives and culture in general, in the digital context of Canada and the world? We collaborated with HOLO.MG to produce the DIGITAL ECONOMIES READER. Check out the DER on their website to dig deep into the ideas and people involved in the project.

Digital Economies Lab


A project that looks to ask the artistic community what they would want from an artists union.

Artwork_local404 looks to ask the artistic community what they would want from an artists union by prompting them with a serious of situation they might find themselves in.

More about this project...

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Artwork Local 404