Thomas Ankersmit, Jessica Ekomane, & GOLPESAR

An evening of sound art and avant-garde electronics

An evening of sound art and avant-garde electronics with Thomas Ankersmit (Berlin & Amsterdam), Jessica Ekomane (Berlin) and GOLPESAR (Montreal).

8:00 pm

Start: 15/10/2022

End: 15/10/2022

Join us for a night of sound art and avant-garde electronics with
Thomas Ankersmit, Jessica Ekomane & GOLPESAR performing live in Club
SAW on October 15th!

Presented by Artengine & Debaser, supported by SAW


Thomas Ankersmit is a musician and sound artist based in Berlin and
Amsterdam. He plays the Serge Modular synthesizer, both live and in
the studio, and collaborates with artists like Phill Niblock and
Valerio Tricoli. His music combines intricate sonic detail and raw
electric power, with a very physical and spatial experience of sound.
Acoustic phenomena such as infrasound and otoacoustic emissions
(sounds emanating from inside the head, generated by the ears
themselves) play an important role in his work, as does a deliberate,
creative misuse of the equipment.


Jessica Ekomane is a French-born and Berlin-based electronic musician
and sound artist. Her practice unfolds around live performances and
installations. Her quadraphonic performances,characterized by their
physical affect, seek a cathartic effect through the interplay of
psychoacoustics, the perception of rhythmic structures and the
interchange of noise and melody. Her ever-changing and immersive sonic
landscapes are grounded in questions such as the relationship between
individual perception and collective dynamics or the investigation of
listening expectations and their societal roots.


GOLPESAR is the sonic project of Montreal based artist and musician
Rouzbeh Shadpey. Avant-garde electronics, spoken word, and echoes of
Iranian sonics overspill. An affection term in Farsi, GOLPESAR
imperfectly translates to “flower boy”.


Presented by Artengine and Debaser, supported by SAW, in partnership with Akousma and Gaudeamus Festival.