Journal d’enfance

Co-presented installation at Pique Fall Edition

Yolande Laroche’s “Journal d’Enfance” was co-presented with Debaser as part of their amazing multi-sensory series Pique. This was the premiere of this intimate sonic experience mixing childhood memories and fantastical sonic experiments.

5:00 pm

Start: 11/09/2021

End: 11/09/2021

“Journal d’enfance”

by Yolande Laroche


Yolande Laroche is a Franco-Taiwanese Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist residing in Gatineau, Quebec. She presents ‘Journal d’enfance’ – a sonic triptych inspired from the pages of her childhood diaries. Exploring playfulness and freedom in the musical arrangement, the lyrics represent the inner workings of a child looking to express the enchanted wonders of their imagination. The composition was created during a production residency at DAIMON’s ambisonic studio in Hull, Quebec. It was co-produced with Nick Schofield, and features an array of spoken word, synthesizers and processed clarinet.

“Journal d’Enfance” was created by Yolande Laroche at artist-run centre Daïmôn as part of the event Détonations

More About Pique and Debaser

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