[Lab] Controlling Light with Sound

Louise Lalande louise at coCreations.net
Thu Mar 14 17:47:44 EDT 2013

Hello from your neighbourhood lighting designer! (amongst other talents!!)

LED is great and they now make fantastic small sources with good colour.
Check at Home Depot or the like for PHILIPS LED lamps.  There is a variety
and some are also dimmable, although more expensive. Around $35-50/lamp?

There are lots of great MR11 that are 12volt, incandescent/halogen, but they
are hot to the touch and have a larger transformer than the LED.  The LED
runs cool and needs a small transformer that must have good air circulation
around it.  
You could also consider kitchen undercabinet lighting which is the size of a
puck.  These come in LED (don't think dimmable) and incandescent.

Buchanan lighting, on Loretta street, have LED dimmable sources (another
manufacturer than Philips but just as good).  They are very helpful as their
business is about lamps only - they know their product lines.

Lastly, there are different "colour temperatures" (not heat but referencing
colour of the rainbow, sort of, in kelvin).  The 3000 Kelvin lamps are
warmer, like the idea of an LED sunset.  The 4000 Kelvin lamps have more
blue, and are described as a cooler light.  Buchanan has various samples
installed in bookcases in their showroom to illustrate this.

Have fun!
(with my cocreations lighting design hat on)

From:  Michael Grant <michael at krazatchu.ca>
Date:  Thursday, March 14, 2013 4:19 PM
To:  Mod Lab Artengine <lab at artengine.ca>
Subject:  Re: [Lab] Controlling Light with Sound

It's considerably easier (and safer) if the light is a LED as opposed to
120v incandescent. 
What kind of light?

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 4:11 PM, The Big Plan - Chris B <tbp at ghostwise.com>
> Hi!
> Looking for some advice for an art installation. I'd like to have a light or
> set of lights respond to an auditory
> input. I'd like the lights to turn on in time with the sound of a ventilator
> (a medical one). So when the ventilator is
> not doing a breath, the lights would be off, but then when the ventilator
> starts doing a breath they would
> turn on for the duration of the breath. I'd like the lights to light up and
> dim gradually, not just on an off.
> What's a simple or best way to do this?
> Thanks!
> Chris
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