[Lab] Controlling Light with Sound

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Thu Mar 14 17:35:32 EDT 2013

first thought:  microphone with amplifier into a:d input with a PWM output to an LED or possibly to a triac for a incandescent light.  

thoughts - would you have need of filtering for false triggering from other noises

could you latch on to an existing signal or source (since it is art and not true medical)


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Looking for some advice for an art installation. I'd like to have a light or set of lights respond to an auditory
input. I'd like the lights to turn on in time with the sound of a ventilator (a medical one). So when the ventilator is
not doing a breath, the lights would be off, but then when the ventilator starts doing a breath they would
turn on for the duration of the breath. I'd like the lights to light up and dim gradually, not just on an off.

What's a simple or best way to do this?



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