[Lab] Controlling Light with Sound

Michael Grant michael at krazatchu.ca
Thu Mar 14 16:19:29 EDT 2013

It's considerably easier (and safer) if the light is a LED as opposed to
120v incandescent.
What kind of light?

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 4:11 PM, The Big Plan - Chris B
<tbp at ghostwise.com>wrote:

> Hi!
> Looking for some advice for an art installation. I'd like to have a light
> or set of lights respond to an auditory
> input. I'd like the lights to turn on in time with the sound of a
> ventilator (a medical one). So when the ventilator is
> not doing a breath, the lights would be off, but then when the ventilator
> starts doing a breath they would
> turn on for the duration of the breath. I'd like the lights to light up
> and dim gradually, not just on an off.
> What's a simple or best way to do this?
> Thanks!
> Chris
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