Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Jun 2 15:20:27 EDT 2013

You should note that registrations to this mailing-list are to be done 
through this form :


You just enter your email address, your name, you press "Subscribe", and 
you reply to the confirmation email that you receive a few minutes later.

This should be a normal condition for posting, and normally, people on 
email-based forums understand this, but it seems that people trying to 
post on lab at artengine.ca are most oblivious to that rule. On top of that, 
I've written to several of the unregistered posters to tell them that they 
should register, but in most cases I get no reaction (no reply, no 

Now I will approve several mails that were posted in the last ten (or 
more) days by unregistered people, but I wish that those who want to post 
would just register as soon as possible. Normal email forums work by 
registration, and I don't think that there is any good reason for making 
lab at artengine.ca an exception. Thank you.

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