Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Jun 2 15:54:51 EDT 2013

To make things clearer :

That email was about those who aren't subscribed yet (and thus don't 
receive this mail directly in their inbox). This includes people who only 
read the archives on the website, but this also includes people who might 
have been told about this mailing-list by subscribers, but don't know how 
it works.

This means that if you have friends whom you have told about this 
mailing-list, but you didn't tell them how to register, you should tell 
them ASAP.

Yes, I've already tried to contact quite a few of them, to verify whether 
they understood what was going on, but I'm seldom getting replies about 
them, so, obviously, I'm posting to lab at artengine.ca because I don't think 
that just writing to all individuals is something that works.

It seems to me as if there were still one or more "recruiters" for 
Artengine's Lab that just tell people to write to lab at artengine.ca without 
telling them about the subscription form, and I imagine that those 
recruiters are subscribed to this mailing-list.

(For any questions or to report technical problems about email on 
artengine.ca, please contact me privately.)

Le 2013-06-02 à 15:20:00, Mathieu Bouchard a écrit :

> You should note that registrations to this mailing-list are to be done 
> through this form :
> http://lists.artengine.ca/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/lab/
> You just enter your email address, your name, you press "Subscribe", and you 
> reply to the confirmation email that you receive a few minutes later.
> This should be a normal condition for posting, and normally, people on 
> email-based forums understand this, but it seems that people trying to post 
> on lab at artengine.ca are most oblivious to that rule. On top of that, I've 
> written to several of the unregistered posters to tell them that they should 
> register, but in most cases I get no reaction (no reply, no subscription).
> Now I will approve several mails that were posted in the last ten (or more) 
> days by unregistered people, but I wish that those who want to post would 
> just register as soon as possible. Normal email forums work by registration, 
> and I don't think that there is any good reason for making lab at artengine.ca 
> an exception. Thank you.

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