[Lab] Meetings.

Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
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Hey Alex, you and your friends should stop by during Mod Lab.  http://artengine.ca/community/modlab-en.php While we don't have an official agenda or topic, there is almost always a group talking about 3D printing somewhere in the room given it is so prominent right now.

Mod Lab nights are the first and third Wednesday evening in each month.  Given that every now and then there is a fifth Wednesday in a month a few people thought we should try and host a "themed" group conversation.  We were trying to set up a 3D printing specific chalk talk last week but unfortunately didn't get an official invitation sent out. (I'll take the blame for this, just been crazy busy.)


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I have been receiving correspondence re your 3D printer meetings:  second hand and always too late .
Could you please include me on your mailimg list.
I have two friends that would also like to attend your next meeting.
Alex B
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