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Upcoming Events

GDE at THE 2006 LUMIÈRE FESTIVAL - Saturday August 12

Mark your calendars! The Lumière Festival is a magical event that you will not want to miss. Perfect for people of all ages (please leave your pets at home). Starting at 6 pm, there will be amazing lantern installations to see and fabulous performers to watch. This year performers will be acoustic so keep an eye open for some interesting performer collaborations. With the help of artistic director, Maureen Shea, Lumière 2006 will have new and exciting lantern installations and fanciful themes to be explored.

Please participate in the festival by carrying your own lantern. In July and August we will open our Lumière studio where you can come and attend a lantern making workshop. At our workshops you will have the choice of building and decorating your own lantern (choose from a variety of lantern types) or working on some of the community lanterns that will be featured at the festival. We are also able to offer Lumière lantern workshops (at our location or yours) or lantern supplies for organizations. Additionally, lantern making parties are available at the CCCC. Call 745-2742 or in June check our new website at lumièreottawa.com for workshop details.

We encourage you ALL to come in costume - fancy masks, International costumes, circus, butterfly & fairy wings, king and queens - let your imagination soar!

Remember, the flat route in Stanley Park makes it an accessible event for seniors and strollers. In 2005, many community members invited friends and family for Lumière parties and picnics. We will remain open until 11 pm this year so that more people will be able to enjoy the event. Look for our free lantern making table at the Crichton Community Council Family Picnic on June 11th!

Maureen Shea is thrilled to be returning to Bologna, Italy this June 14-18 to offer four days of Dance Farms leading up to two Hops as a part of FEST-Festival. Many thanks to the FEST-Festival organizers and The Canada Council for their support. For further information: www.fest-festival.net

A summer evening Hop is being planned at Remic Rapids along the Ottawa River. This is the spot where John Ceprano creates his rock sculptures each year. We hope to weave the Grasshoppa web in and around John's designs.

Please stay tuned for more events!

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