[Pdmtl] "VIDIOCGMBUF: Invalid argument" from #camera

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sam 26 Mar 12:59:45 EDT 2011

On Fri, 25 Mar 2011, James Harkins wrote:

> Apologies if this is not the right mailing list for this question -- it 
> isn't quite clear at http://gridflow.ca what's the right list for 
> non-dev gridflow questions.

gridflow-dev is fine, especially when it's about technical problems.

pdmtl and pd-list are also appropriate.

> gf_tutorial_image_* patches work beautifully (and are VERY cool!).

Thanks to Darsha, Stéphanie and/or Alex for those. (I didn't work on it)

> BisonCam,_NB_Pro
> Pick a camera: 0
> Driver API: ...v4l1 (I tried the other Linux drivers, no dice)

You have to pick "Driver API" first, and then the camera number. "Driver 
API" should probably be set to libv4l1, and it ought to become the default 
on Linux.

> Also, I tried switching is_pwc [I assume this is the "use PWC" toggle in 
> the camera panel?] as recommended on the gridflow FAQ, but it didn't 
> make a difference.)

What GridFlow FAQ ?


Ok, I just found it. I hadn't looked at it in a very, very long time. The 
content hasn't been updated in years. I routinely forget that it exists. I 
wonder what I should do with that.

the PWC thing is a toggle reserved for PWC cameras. You don't have one. 
PWC is a camera protocol meant for USB1. It was most popular in 2003-2007 

> I've checked out the latest from svn, but I'm having some trouble 
> satisfying libglew's dependencies. That's a general Ubuntu question, 
> though, not specifically gridflow.

All I can say is that I run Ubuntu 9.10 and I have installed the packages 
libglew1.5 and libglew1.5-dev.

> Any ideas would be appreciated -- thanks -- if it would be better to 
> read the camera from Gem and pipe that into gridflow, that would be okay 
> with me.

Some people have done that, but it's better to be able to use [#camera], 
and I think that in your case, it would work as long as you select 
"libv4l1" beforehand.

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