[Pdmtl] flext anyone?

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Jan 6 17:03:46 EST 2006

Hey JS,

I have done this, once with my PSO external about two years ago.

What compiler are you using? What version of MAX?
Where are you having troubles?

I think I left my code-warrior project file in the pure-data CVS tree in
my externals/bbogart/pso folder.

I remember I had to manually remove some syntax errors from the MAX SDK,
had to manually enable "w_char" support, and change all the paths. I
think other than that it worked ok.

There is also a flext mailinglist:

flext at grrrr.org

Also Thomas Grill has a little howto I wrote that explained my
proceedure, but like I said it was years ago and I can't find it in my
own files.

Good luck.


JS wrote:
> Hi,
>     Please tell me if I'm out of topic, since this deals partly with
>     Is there someone on this list who have managed to compile flext
> externals on both PD and MAX/MSP? Compiling for PD was a piece of cake
> but I can't manage to compile MAX externals with it on Mac OS X. I need
> to get some C++ coded externals running on both softwares and Flext
> looks like the way to go.
>     Any help would be much appreciated.
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