[Pdmtl] [PD] jpeg patchworks with Gem ?

vincent rioux vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Thu Jan 5 13:58:41 EST 2006

hi Alexandre,

you'll find attached an example that you might want to try, it's called:

you have to launch pd with dyn~, pyext and Gem libs.
sorry, i did not find time to comment the python scripts (nor the pd 
patchs btw).

please notice that:
- it uses imagemagick to compute image sizes. ("identify" command, fast).
- thus it needs some plumbing to work under windows.
- choose a few images first (try to use lightweight pics), in 
mozaic_photo.py change the rep at line 88:
self.fphotos = glob.glob('/data/urban_man/photos/pietons/pieton_rouge*.jpg')

please let me know if you found it interesting, what pbs you 
encountered, etc.

Alexandre Quessy wrote:

>Salut Vincent, 
>Oui, je serais intéressé par une telle patche. J'ai essayé pix_alpha sur des 
>pix_image, mais ça ne fonctionne pas toujours. On dirait que ça fonctionne 
>mieux sur des vidéos que sur des images. Très bizarre. Sinon, je n'ai rien 
>trouvé qui soit particulièrement "hot". Je mesure mes images avec PHP et 
>j'envois tout ça avec netreceive. Je pourrais le faire en Python, mais c'est 
>pour une conférence sur PHP que je vais donner... :-) 
>Le Décembre 29, 2005 06:06 AM, vincent rioux a écrit :
>>bonjour alex,
>>very quick answer, you might want to try a combination of
>>- pix_alpha and of course pix_image to display blended images. you will
>>then create an abstraction that holds all what you need for one image
>>(with 'receive' objects as arguments).
>>- dyn~ for creation of a variable number of pictures in your patchwork.
>>- pyext for the creation and configuration (position, size, etc.) of
>>each piece (via ._send method) - here you will have to go for something
>>completely different but it's easy.
>>if you are interested by this combination of objects, i could send you
>>some patchs i have bee using.
>>i noticed some difficulties to display some types of images (heavy
>>images or images with low or high w/h ratio), moreover i had some pbs
>>with their "initialization" (images are not drawn completely at first) -
>>desactivating/reactivating the gem window solved this pb.
>>a last point, if you want to make animations of still images, you should
>>defintely turn to pix_multiimage.
>>Alexandre Quessy wrote:
>>>Hi !
>>>I am looking for a way to combine many jpeg images with Gem in an
>>>interesting way. Anyone has some experience to share ? I have several
>>>files which I know their sizes, and I would like to change their size,
>>>tranparency, to add pix_* effects, gradient map (not much posible
>>>though), etc. on them. I might have 10 images at a time. I guess I should
>>>use 10 rectangle on which I pix_texture my pix_image, right ? Any hint on
>>>blending such pix_images ?
>>>thanks !
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