[Lab] Sally Lee Sheeks at City Hall Gallery

Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 17:37:12 EST 2015

   Hey laser cutters - have you checked out the "Envolée | Flight" exhibit
in the main space at Ottawa Art Gallery?


   I stopped by yesterday evening on my way to see the ice sculptures at
confederation park, and fell in love with Sally Sheeks' gorgeous flock
cuttings. I would love to know more about her creative and technical
process - I believe the bird silhouettes were drawn and cut by hand.
   I was really moved by the pieces - particularly the way light interacts
with the hangings. Luminous birds are cast through the shadows on the wall.
I felt like the bird's souls were escaping through the holes they left in
the canvas.

   Definitely worth stopping by while you're exploring Winterlude.

   -Jason Cobill
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