[Lab] rooster technology

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Sun Nov 13 10:22:33 EST 2011

I want to make a rooster to submit to the Atomic Rooster show. (Last year:

I used hardboard for the structure and then ink for color. Obviously I can
use ink again but does anybody have any other ideas?

One idea is "Rooster Glut" which will be a rooster with a mug of beer that
perpetually lifts the glass.

Another is "Perpetual Rooster" which will have a perpetual motion machine
in his belly.

Also, "Clave Rooster" which will play a clave instrument.

I'm just thinking about different ways to make it interesting. Here are the
ideas I have so far:

1) ink like last year
2) colored acrylic
3) hand paint
4) old circuit boards (found objects might be a lot of work)
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